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Fortnite eDPI -

Medium sens

  • LOW SENS 0-40
  • MED SENS 40-80
  • HIGH SENS 80+

What is a eDPI?

eDPI stands for “Effective Dots Per Inch”

It's a numeric value that is calculated by multiplying your Mouse DPI with your In-game Sensitivity to find out what your overall sensitivity is, may that be Low, Medium or High.

We only calculate the Mouse DPI and the In-game Sensitivity because these two variables are the only values that affect your overall sensitivity or “true” sensitivity, thus is why we multiply them together to find out said result.

Our eDPI calculator makes finding your overall sensitivity easy to do by automating the manual calculation and best of all it's 100% Free To Use, supporting Most Popular Games.

What is the BEST eDPI to use?

Pros use between = Fortnite: 35-80, CSGO: 800-1150, Valorant: 200-400

Overall, there isn't really a "best eDPI" because each eDPI value is unique to the player by only showing the true sensitivity without knowing the specific Mouse DPI or In-Game Sensitivity But, it's good to know what eDPI you use, so that you can easily figure out how your sensitivity compares to other Pro Players or Friends