Kyle Jackson Mongraal

Last refresh of Mongraal fortnite by march 2022

Mar, 25, 2022


United Kingdom



favorite weapon

Sideways Rifle

favorite drop spot

Coral Castle


$668,000 (Approx)

Currently playing for

Faze Clan




Correct the information

Mouse / Sensitivity Settings

x-axis sensitivity 9.0% y-axis sensitivity 9.0% window sens 6/11
targeting sensitivity 33% scope sensitivity 33% mouse accel Off
DPI 800 EDPI 72 (Medium Sens)

Video Settings

Display / Graphics
Window Mode Fullscreen View Distance Far Effects Off
Resolution 1920x1080 Shadows Off Post Processing Off
Frame Limit 240 FPS Anti-Aliasing Off 3D Resolution 1920x1080 (FULL)
Textures Low
Graphics Quality
Brightness 90% Colourblind Mode Off Colourblind Strength Off
User Interface Contrast 1.5x
Advanced Graphics
Vsync Off Rending Mode Performance (High Meshes) Latency Flash Off
Motion Blur Off Latency Markers Off Show FPS On
Nvidia Reflex Low Latency Off

Game & HUD Options

Sprint By Default On Tap To Search/Interact On Reticle Ammo Indicator On
Auto Sort Consumables To Right On reset edits Off confirm edit on release Off
hud size 60%

Audio Settings

music 60% voice chat 75% 3d headphones Off
sound effects 90% cinematics 20% window bass boost On
dialogue 40% sound quality Low

Abilities & Keybinds

Building / Movement

  • wall
  • floor
  • stairs
  • C
  • AUTO
  • L-CTRL
  • 1
    auto run


  • Q
  • 2
    SLOT 1
  • E
    SLOT 2
  • R
    SLOT 3
  • 4
    SLOT 4
  • X
    SLOT 5


  • 3
  • pick up
  • F
  • L-ALT
  • TAB
  • reload
  • 5
  • F1

Nvidia Settings

resolution 1920x1080(Native) digital vibrance 80% texture filtering-quality High Performance
refresh rate 240 maximum pre-rendered frames 1 vertical sync Disabled
brightness 50% monitor technology Normal threaded optimization< Disabled
contrast 50% low latency mode Disabled gamma 1.00
power management mode Preferred Maximum Performance


Keyboard Positioning / Setup

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24 responses to “Mongraal”

  1. Eurl says:

    I’m sooo glad codelife made this

  2. Eurleurl says:

    I’m sooo glad codelife made this

  3. Nitro says:

    The reload button is middle mouse button not R. Just pointing I out.

  4. MIGHTR0 says:

    Any Idea if mongraal has fusion engine enabled on his g402 settings ?

  5. Mongraal's helper says:

    Mongraal changed his to 9.0x/y and 33% for aim + 800dpi

    I got a clip from his recent vid on twitch.

    • travis says:

      hey huge mongrel fan just wanted to let you know your dpi I settings really helped me to get better mechanics

  6. Justin Hovelsen says:

    It says mongraals streaming pc has an i9 10900k and has a z390 motherboard but z390 motherboards only support 8th and 9tyh gen processors, not 10th gen

  7. Flix says:

    Mongraal is using the antlion modmic 3.0 not the blue yeti

  8. Joel says:

    How does he make his wrap look so good?

  9. zenium says:

    the keybind for his floor is N

  10. Domenic says:

    Yoo codelife you need to be faster in your vids with the uploads look at mongraals latest stream he has a hole another different mousepad make a video about that one

  11. Matteo says:

    He got 2 new monitors and new mousepad image

  12. Matteo6160 says:

    He got 2 new monitors and new mousepad image

  13. Erjon says:

    how does mongraal have his keyboard ?

  14. Erjon says:

    on which monitor plays mongraal?

  15. Dean says:

    With Monitor is for gaming

  16. Dean says:

    With Monitor is for gaming

  17. Gigachad says:

    he changed his rendering mode to dx11 and he changed brightness to 100% and i could be wrong but he might change his view distance to medium

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mongraal used dx11 on his two last videos, not only cash cup but also arena.

  19. Alexander says:

    how much does mongraal have double movement %

  20. Alexander says:

    how much does mongraal have double movement

  21. Matteo says:

    Yo he got a new mic the Blue Yeti not the Blue Yeti x

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